About Optimal Sauce…

If you’re looking to get started with blogging and/or online niche publishing, Optimal Sauce is designed specifically for you.

I wanted to make this site as beginner friendly as possible.


Because starting a new side-hustle, while extremely appealing, isn’t quite as easy as some online gurus like to make out.

Yes, it is easier than starting a B&M business. But it still ain’t no cakewalk.

There’s quite a lot of stuff to learn – from getting the right hosting and selecting the correct WordPress theme, to actually writing copy, targeting the correct niche, and getting your content ranked.

You’ll also need to learn how to use tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and, of course, WordPress.

Back in 2012, you could get away with pretty much anything online.

This was the “golden era” for online hawks and speculators.

An era where you could rank a page over night with crappy backlinks you bought off some random dude on Craig’s List.

Those days are over.

Now it is ALL about quality – quality content, quality web design, quality SEO, and quality CRO.

You need to be hitting all of the above criteria in order to get your site’s content ranking.

Basically, modern SEO is ALL about being authoritative, reliable, and trust worthy.

That’s what Google wants. And what Google wants, Google gets.

And take it from me, it ain’t easy…

Who Am I?

My name’s Richard and, since 2014, I have been running and operating a selection of blogs, websites, and e-comm stores.

In that time, I have learnt many, many lessons – most of them the hard way.

I’m fully aware that there are PLENTY of “SEO experts” and “gurus” online.

I am not a guru – nor am I a snake oil salesman either.

I’m just a regular guy that owns and operates a range of successful blogs in some super-competitive niches.

And Optimal Sauce is the place where I collect all the stuff I’ve learned along the way.

From blogging tips to affiliate marketing and CRO, you’ll find helpful, actionable advice on all things related to getting started with online publishing.

This is not an easy road. You’ll encounter plenty of problems along the way. But if you follow along with this blog, at least you won’t make all the mistakes I made when I first started.

But the goal of working for yourself, making your own money, and running your own business is something ANYONE can do.

How do I know? Simple…

Because I did it. And if I can do it, you sure as shit can too!

And if you want to reach out to me directly, you can follow me on Twitter or drop me an email – richard @ optimal sauce dot com.

Also, sign-up to my newsletter here. I email out tips and actionable stuff once a week.

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