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The Basics: SEO, pSEO, Affiliate Marketing & Blogging Tips

Learn the simple, foundational skills required to develop and scale any type of business online – from e-commerce sites to niche blogs and sites.

Affiliate Marketing 101

Learn how to earn through referrals, understand key strategies, and navigate partnerships for successful online income generation.

SEO 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Master the basics of SEO, from keyword research to on-page optimization, to boost your website’s visibility.

Domain Names & Hosting 101

Learn how to choose the right domain and reliable hosting to establish and secure your online presence

Email Marketing 101

Discover the art of crafting compelling emails, building subscriber lists, and engaging effectively with your audience for optimal results

pSEO 101: Programmatic SEO Basics

Learn to automate content creation and 10x your traffic and indexed pages within a matter of weeks.

WordPress Plugins 101: The Essential List

Navigate the top must-have plugins for enhancing functionality, security, and user experience on your WordPress site.

The Tools I Could Not Live Without

The Best Tools For Getting Stuff Done Online & Making Bank

Here’s a list of my essential tools, the plugins, software, and applications I could not live without. You don’t need all of them but these are what I currently use and recommend

Tools aren’t essential. You can get by on a shoestring budget to begin with – I’m talking $100 startup capital.

Gurus will ALWAYS try and sell you the latest tool. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Tools are helpful, but DO NOT spend money you don’t have on them.



People Like You REALLY Dig Our Content

I’m not one to toot my own hone, but plenty of aspiring solopreneurs and bloggers love what we’re doing here at OPTIMALSAUCE.

I was lost in the maze of SEO before I found OPTIMALSAUCE. Their clear, jargon-free guides made it so easy to grasp the essentials. I’ve seen a real boost in my site’s performance without feeling pressured into buying tools I don’t need. A game-changer


Maryann Alpine

Product Designer

Thanks to OPTIMALSAUCE, I finally understand the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing. Their simple, direct approach demystified the whole process for me. And the best part? No pushy upsells, just pure, helpful knowledge. It’s like having a friend in the business!


Bill Glacier

Internet Marketer

Programmatic SEO seemed like rocket science until I stumbled upon OPTIMALSAUCE. Their straightforward articles broke down pSEO in a way I could easily apply to my work, without any confusing sales pitches. It’s refreshing to see a site that truly prioritizes learning!


Erik Acadia

Video Producer

OPTIMALSAUCE has been a revelation for me. The way they simplify complex topics like SEO and affiliate marketing is just incredible. No confusing tech talk, no unnecessary tools pushed my way – just clear, actionable advice


Andrea Sequoia

Affiliate Marketer & Blogger

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Thomas’ OPTIMALSAUCE newsletter is hilarious, random AF, and always extremely useful. It’s literally one of the only emails I actually look forward to getting!. 😍

— Mandi Ruez, NYC

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Don’t Waste The Next 12 Months Making Mistakes.

Learn from an actual soloprenuer that has been doing this for over 12+ years across a range of niches. I’ve made all the mistakes, learnt the hardway. But that doesn’t mean you have to…

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